The 3rd Annual International Headache Symposium in Israel

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Dr. Oved DanielDr. Arieh KuritzkyGreetings

Dr. Oved Daniel and Dr. Arieh Kuritzky (ISRAEL)




Prof. Rami BursteinCurrent Understanding of Migraine Pathophysiology: Science View

Prof. Rami Burstein (USA)




Prof. David DodickMigraine Pathophysiology with a Clinical Perspective

Prof. David Dodick (USA)




Prof. Allan PurdyCritical Decisions in the Diagnoses and Treatment of Migraine

Prof. Allan Purdy (CANADA)




Dr. Oved DanielNoninvasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Primary Headaches

Dr. Oved Daniel (ISRAEL)




Dr. Jacob GeniziPediatric Headache, Is It Different?

Dr. Jacob Genizi (ISRAEL)




Prof. Alan RapoportThe Pipeline in Headache Treatment

Prof. Alan Rapoport (USA)




Prof. Rami BursteinGlymphatic system and what role it may play in the increased risk of stroke in Migraine Aura patients

Prof. Rami Burstein (USA)



Prof. Lars EdvinssonAdvances in Our Understanding of the CGRP Ligand and Receptor Signaling Pathways

Prof. Lars Edvinsson (SWEDEN)




Dr. Jack SchimUpdate on Onobotulinumtoxin-A for Chronic Migraine, Cluster, and Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dr. Jack Schim (USA)




Dr. Gal IferganeHeadache Terrorism, Media and Collective Stress

Dr. Gal Ifergane (ISRAEL)




Open Discussion: All Speakers

Open Discussion: All Speakers


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