Flexible oxaprozin regimen is safe, effective treatment for acute knee pain

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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A flexible oxaprozin potassium dosing regimen of 1200 or 1800 mg/day is a well-tolerated, effective treatment for acute knee pain in osteoarthritis patients and it provides durable 24-hour relief, according to a recent report.

Dr. David P. Recker, from the Pharmacia Corporation in Skokie, Illinois, which markets oxaprozin as Daypro, and colleagues randomized 491 osteoarthritis patients with acute knee pain to receive one of three treatment regimens or placebo for 14 days.

Patients treated with the flexible dosing regimen received 1200 mg/day of oxaprozin potassium, an NSAID with a 55-hour half-life, and were permitted to take an additional 600 mg dose for acute pain relief. The other treatment regimens included oxaprozin potassium 1800 mg/day and ibuprofen 400 mg/day.

The flexible dosing regimen was associated with better pain relief than placebo at all time points up to 24 hours after administration, the authors note in the November issue of Clinical Drug Investigation. In addition, flexible regimen-treated patients were less likely than placebo-treated patients to require rescue pain medications during the study period.

Adverse events that lead to treatment withdrawal were reported by 10% of patients in the flexible regimen group, 14% in the stable oxaprozin group, 4% in the ibuprofen group, and 8% in the placebo group. While four serious adverse events did occur, none were tied to the study medications, the authors note.

The flexible treatment regimen "was statistically superior to placebo across multiple measures of analgesia and exhibited a safety profile similar to non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs as a class," the researchers state. The durability and tolerability of the regimen suggests that it may be a useful treatment for a wide range of acute pain conditions.

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