Salbutamol Therapy May Not Be Linked To Hyperactivity In Very Young

Archives of Disease in Childhood

By Harvey McConnell

No link has been shown between hyperactivity in very young children who are given nebulised salbutamol for their asthma.

Despite the widely held parental belief that asthma inhalers/nebuliser use cause hyperactivity in the child, a study by Dr Peter Loader and colleges at the pediatric respiratory clinic at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London, England, finds this is not the case.

Dr Loader points out: "It is commonly reported by parents of asthmatic children that treatment with nebulised salbutamol leads to restlessness and overactive behavior. To our knowledge there has been no published study investigating this issue, although some 20 percent of young children (aged two to six years) who receive salbutamol syrup have been reported as experiencing excitement."

Archives Of Disease In Childhood 2002; 86:202-4.

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