Trans-Fatty Acids In Diet May Be Associated With First Heart Attack

A DGReview of :"Cell Membrane Trans -Fatty Acids and the Risk of Primary Cardiac Arrest"

By Robert Short
Dietary intake of total trans-fatty acids is modestly associated with heart attack. However, trans-isomers of linoelic acid show a larger increase in the risk of a first heart attack.

These were the findings of a population-based case-control study carried out in Seattle, Washington, United States. The investigators looked specifically at the association of trans-fatty acid intake, assessed through a biomarker, with the risk of primary cardiac arrest.

Dr Rozenn Lemaitre stressed that the associations they found in the study between cardiac arrest and trans-isomers of linoleic acid need to be confirmed in future studies that distinguish between trans-isomers of linoleic acid and trans-isomers of oleic acid. Dr Lemaitre is based at the Cardiovascular Health Research Unit, Department of Medicine, University of Washington.

Circulation 2002;105:697. "Cell Membrane Trans -Fatty Acids and the Risk of Primary Cardiac Arrest"

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