Homoeopathic Immunotherapy Ineffective in Asthma Treatment

LONDON (Reuters Health) Feb 28 – Using ultramolecular doses of allergen to treat asthmatics allergic to house dust mite is no more effective than placebo, UK researchers report in the British Medical Journal for March 2.
Dr. George T. Lewith from the Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton and colleagues randomised 242 such patients to receive homoeopathic ultramolecular doses of house dust mite prepared in 30 dilutions of 100:1, or to placebo. During the 16 weeks of the trial, patients were monitored with three clinic visits and assessments of symptom diaries every other week.

Over the course of the study there was a trial effect and all the patients showed improvement, Dr. Lewith told Reuters Health. However, there was no difference at the end of the study in quality-of-life or lung function between homoeopathic treatment and placebo, he added.

"The study also showed that there was a different response between placebo and homoeopathic medication, which was surprising," Dr. Lewith said. Among patients receiving homoeopathic treatment there was an oscillating response. "Their systems were disturbed and agitated and they got better and worse and better and worse, which did not happen in the placebo group," he explained.

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