Tarsal Navicular Stress Fracture in a Young Athlete

Case Report With Clinical, Radiologic, and Pathophysiologic CorrelationsAbstract and Introduction
Background: Tarsal navicular fractures are uncommon but important causes of foot pain. Being alert to this condition can help prevent a delay in the diagnosis.
Methods: A literature search of MEDLINE was undertaken, and a case report of an adolescent with tarsal navicular stress fracture is described.
Results and Conclusions: Tarsal navicular fractures are often misdiagnosed for months. Because plain radiographs are unreliable, the diagnosis of tarsal navicular fractures requires the use of bone scan, fine-cut computed tomographic scans, or magnetic resonance imaging. Treatment requires strict non-weight-bearing activities to avoid complications. When the alert primary care physician can diagnose this condition, treatment of tarsal navicular fractures can be effective and rewarding….

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