Low Dietary Magnesium Changes Cardiac Rhythm

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

By Elda Hauschildt

Low intakes of dietary magnesium may increase supraventricular ectopy.

Thus, people who live in areas with soft water, who use diuretics, or who are predisposed to magnesium loss may need to take in more dietary magnesium than others, United States researchers suggest.

Investigators who studied low dietary magnesium concentration in 22 postmenopausal women found that women who took in less than half of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 320 milligrams per day had a significant increase in supraventricular and supraventricular plus ventricular beats.

"Diet used in this study was both ordinary and adequate," say the researchers with the US Department of Agriculture in Grand Forks, North Dakota. "Its inadequacy in magnesium was shown by biochemical and physiologic changes."

They suggest the mean loss in depletion was slightly lower than the minimal daily loss assumed to be normal. "Intake of magnesium of less than one-half of the RDA changed cardiac rhythm….

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