Zeldox (Ziprasidone) Provides New Treatment Option For Schizophrenia In European Union

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — February 25, 2002 — Pfizer Inc said today that it plans to introduce its atypical antipsychotic Zeldox® and Zeldox® IM (ziprasidone HCl and ziprasidone mesylate) in both capsule and intramuscular formulations in the European Union. The new medicine, which will provide an important new treatment option for patients with schizophrenia, was first launched in Sweden in 2000 and will become available in nine other EU member states beginning with Denmark in March.

Discovered and developed by Pfizer, Zeldox is a serotonin and dopamine antagonist. Zeldox capsules have been proven effective in treating symptoms characterized as both positive (e.g. visual and auditory hallucinations) and negative (lack of motivation and social withdrawal) as well as in the treatment of overall psychopathology. Intramuscular Zeldox, which will be the first injectable atypical antipsychotic available in Europe, is used to control agitated behavior in patients with schizophrenia.

"Zeldox will provide important new treatment options for both the acute and chronic phases of schizophrenia," said Dr. Joseph Feczko, Pfizer's senior vice president of medical and regulatory operations. The launch announcement was made at the Winter Workshop on Schizophrenia, a biennial meeting of schizophrenia researchers here in Davos.

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