Child's View Of Anxiety Important In Attention Deficit Disorder

Careful and thorough assessment of the child's perspective on anxiety is important in school-aged children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type (ADHD-CT).

"Recognition of anxiety and its management in primary school-age children with ADHD-CT is generally poorly understood," Australian researchers comment.

Investigators from Alfred Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service, the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria and LaTrobe University in Melbourne say the characteristics of such anxiety and its association with postural BP requires further longitudinal study.

"In this particular group of children, only the child's report of anxiety was associated with significantly increased diastolic blood pressure (BP) from a sitting position…Therefore, careful and thorough assessment of the child's perspective is required."

The researchers enrolled 38 medication-naïve children with ADHD-CT into a study that tested the hypothesis that primary school-age children with ADHD-CT and anxiety have increased diastolic BP from a sitting to standing position, compared with ADHD-CT children who do not have anxiety. The investigators considered anxiety as defined from both the parental and child perspective.

"ADHD-CT and anxiety has been associated with increased diastolic BP in controlled trials of single dosage studies of methylphenidate, although parent and child reports of anxiety have not been considered separately," the researchers point out.

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