Step Down Dose of Minocycline Produces Better Responses to Acne

Inflammatory acne responds better to treatment with minocycline 100/50 mg daily in comparison with 12-weeks of either lymecycline 300mg or minocycline 50-mg.

Although some antibiotics are supportive in acne therapy, researchers from the University Medical Centre Sart Tilman in Liege. Belgium determined there are relatively few studies on their efficacy. Consequently, they evaluated the antibacterial effects of both lymecycline and minocycline at different doses.

Eighty-six patients, divided into three parallel groups were enrolled in a randomised, double blind comparison of the effects from the two anti-bacterials. Group 1 was given lymecycline 300 mg daily for 12 weeks, group 2 received minocycline 50 mg daily for 12 weeks and group 3 was given minocycline 100 mg daily over four weeks followed by 50 mg daily for eight weeks.

The clinicians evaluated the therapy initially during the screening visit and then at five treatment visits. Clinical counts of acne lesions were undertaken and researchers used dual flow cytometry to evaluate bacterial viability of microorganisms, collected from sebaceous infundibula by cyanoacrylate strippings.

The better clinical outcome was observed among patients who were treated with minocycline 100/50 mg, especially regarding the reduced number of papules.

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