Impact Of Obesity On Crohn's Disease

Obesity does not appear to alter significantly the long-term course of Crohn's disease.

In a retrospective study involving 2,065 patients with Crohn's disease, it was found that just 62 patients (3 percent) were obese. These obese patients tended to be older at diagnosis of their Crohn's disease than the non-obese patients (32 vs 28 years of age). But did not differ otherwise with respect to sex ratio, intestinal disease location, and disease behaviour.

When the 62 obese patients were compared with 124 non-obese patients, the disease severity assessed by the importance of medical therapy and surgery to cut out diseased areas did not differ in the two groups. However, it was found that the time to development of anoperineal abscess or fistula was shorter in obese patients, and obese patients were more prone to develop an active disease and to require hospitalisation.

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