Postpartum Women Higher Warfarin Doses

Postpartum women who require warfarin generally need larger doses than do non-pregnant women.

A study in England has now shown that these larger doses of warfarin are needed to reach therapeutic international normalized ratio.

"We would recommend the use of a dosing nomogram," says Cath Brooks, lead author of this study by a research team at University Hospital, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham.

Forty-six women were included in this study, 23 postpartum women taking warfarin who were discharged from the hospital's obstetric wards and 23 women, also taking warfarin, discharged from the medical wards.
The researchers examined warfarin doses and international normalised ratio values daily for 35 days. They compared the number of days and total warfarin dose required to achieve therapeutic international normalised ratio and doses recommended by a dosing nomogram.

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