High Prevalence Of Malassezia Colonization At Birth Associated With Neonatal Acne

By Veronica Rose

Skin colonization of the Malassezia species commences neonatally and increases during the first weeks of life. There is a high prevalence of M. sympodialis in the newborn, now confirmed as associated with neonatal acne.

Research undertaken in paediatric dermatological and neonatal units in Bordeaux, France assessed skin colonization by Malassezia species among full term healthy neonates. It also included investigation relative to factors associated with colonization and study acne cephalic pustulosis associated with its carriage. A total of 102 neonates and their mothers provided samples, at birth, five days later and three weeks later.

Researchers classified clinical patterns of common acne-like pustulosis as mild (less than 10 papulopustules), moderate (10 or more papulopustules) or absent according to direct examination and culture of sample. Microscopic and physiologic criteria were applied to identifying the yeast.

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