European Union Approves Dynepo (Erythropoietin) for Renal Disease-Related Anemia

CAMBRIDGE, MA — March 26, 2002 — Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc. today announced that the European Commission has granted marketing authorization of Dynepo (epoietin delta) for the fifteen countries of the European Union.

Dynepo is a human erythropoietin for the treatment of anemia related to renal disease in patients receiving dialysis and in patients who have not yet undergone dialysis to elevate and maintain red blood cell production. Under a collaborative agreement, Aventis Pharma, the pharmaceutical company of Aventis S.A., is responsible for the development and marketing activities of Dynepo.

Dynepo, a fully human erythropoietin product, was developed using TKT's patented gene activation technology. Clinical testing in over 1,400 dialysis and pre-dialysis patients supported the approval of Dynepo as a treatment for anemia related to renal disease. A phase III study is ongoing to test Dynepo for anemia associated with cancer chemotherapy.

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