Radiotherapy Valuable In Uterine Sarcoma Patients

By Anne MacLennan

Postoperative radiotherapy has a substantial positive impact on women with uterine sarcoma in terms of locoregional and disease-free progression intervals as well as overall survival.

The most important prognostic factor for these patients, however, is the extent or stage of the disease, with stage one patients having significantly better survival than do women with more advanced disease.

These are the conclusions of an evaluation of radiotherapy in 49 uterine sarcoma patients in the Czech Republic by R. Soumarova and colleagues from the Masaryk Cancer Memorial Institute and Masaryk University, both in Brno. This retrospective study was of patients treated between 1990 and 1999 at the Institute.

All 49 patients had surgery, 19 (38.7 percent) received adjuvant radiotherapy, and 25 (51 percent) chemotherapy.

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