Swaying By Migrainous Patients When Eyes Are Closed Indicates Vestibulospinal Dysfunction

Patients with migraines show a significant increase of body sway when their eyes are closed, indicating an underlying dysfunction in the vestibulospinal system, say researchers from Tottori University, Yonago, Japan.

Noting that patients with migraines often complain of dizziness or vertigo during attacks, and sometimes between, the neurologists evaluated the vestibulospinal system in patients with migraine and episodic tension-type headache when they were not having a headache.

The neurologists employed computerised static stabilometry, which they described as a reliable and non-invasive technique for evaluating equilibrium function in various diseases.

After recruiting 21 patients with migraine, 12 patients with episodic tension-type headache and age-matched and sex-matched controls, the neurologists carried out two sets of static stabilometric measurements with eyes open and eyes closed, each for 30 seconds.

The averages of six stabilometric parameters in the two sessions were used for the analysis. These parameters were: locus length, environmental area, rectangle area, locus length per second, locus length per environ area and root mean square area. Romberg quotients of the six parameters were also analysed. …

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