Thermally Stimulated Blood Flow Correlates With Skin Irritation

Thermally stimulated blood flow seems to be relevant in the development of irritant dermatitis. It could be a model of non-chemical skin irritation, report investigators at the University of Marburg, Germany.

Skin irritation is mostly a multifactorial process, they observe, while the competitive effects of different chemical irritants are well known.

The investigators carried out a study to see what influence a thermal stimulus had on skin pre-irritated with sodium lauryl sulphate. This compound, widely used in shampoos as a foaming agent, is an established chemical skin irritant.

The investigators patch-tested 77 volunteers with sodium lauryl sulphate 0.25% and 0.5% for 48 hours, using water as control. They evaluated skin reaction by measuring transepidermal water loss, skin blood flow and skin colour. They then applied a thermal stimulus to the test area and measured the increase in skin blood flow.

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