Serious Renal Involvement Rare In Behcet's Disease

Urinary abnormalities are more frequent in patients with Behcet's disease than previously recognised, but very few patients who have this disease go on to develop serious renal lesions. To date, despite its being much more frequently recognised now than in the past, renal involvement has not been regarded as a feature of Behcet's disease (BD).

However, to assess just how frequent serious renal involvement is in BD was the objective of this report of cases and literature review by M. R. Altiparmak and colleagues from the University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

In total, the study covered close to 5,000 cases of BD — 674 consecutive patients and 4,212 patients whose charts were retrospectively reviewed. The 674 patients were tested via urinalyses, and the charts of the other 4,212 BD patients were evaluated for the incidence of glomerulonephritis (GN).

Study authors found urinary abnormalities (proteinuria and/or haematuria) were present in 10.8 percent of these BD patients.

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