Permanent birth control possible with no incision and minimal recovery time

סקירה זו באדיבות אתר מדיקונטקסט:WESTPORT, CT (Reuters Health) – After undergoing a new hysteroscopic sterilization procedure, most women require no more than 1 day of recovery before they are able to resume regular activities, the device manufacturer Conceptus, Inc., announced today.

A nonincisional alternative to tubal ligation for permanent birth control, Essure pbc (permanent birth control) can be placed with local anesthetic or conscious sedation. The device was previously known as the selective tubal occlusion procedure (STOP).

Under hysteroscopic guidance, the physician places a small microcoil in each fallopian tube. Fibrosis occurs around the coil, eventually occluding the tubes. (see Reuters Health report, November 17, 2000).

"Some women have cramping and bleeding for several days, but 97% report no discomfort whatsoever," Dr. Jay Cooper, of Women's Health Research, in Phoenix, Arizona, told Reuters Health. He noted that placement is "far less uncomfortable than IUD insertion."

Having completed recruitment of subjects for a phase III trial, the company, based in San Carlos, California, reports that in more than 350 woman-years of effectiveness testing, no pregnancies have taken place.

The Essure pbc procedure uses a proprietary catheter delivery system for minimally invasive transcervical tubal access. Conceptus expects to gain US Food and Drug Administration approval for their system by 2003.

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